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The CD/Vinyl Setup tab will only be available for supported Serato DJ hardware that allows for Vinyl or CDJ control.

Vinyl Control

Adjust Loops with Vinyl 

Loop endpoints can be adjusted using the control vinyl. Disable this option if you wish to use your computer’s arrow keys to adjust loops, and keep audio playback controlled by the vinyl. 


Stabilises BPM when using Vinyl, CDs or Motorised platters.

Needle Dropping (Relative Mode Only)

The Needle Dropping options will only apply when using Relative Mode.

Drop to Absolute Position

This detects a deliberate repositioning of the needle, and moves the playhead to the absolute position of the needle, as if it were in absolute mode. Accidental skipping of the needle does not reposition the playhead.

Drop to Cue Point

This option triggers the corresponding cue point when the needle is repositioned into one of the first 8 one-minute sections on the control vinyl. For instance: needle dropping into the second minute on the left turntable, will send playback for deck 1 to cue point 2, if that cue point is set.

Sticker Lock

Aligns your vinyl sticker with the Serato DJ virtual deck spindle position. This alignment is applied when loading a track to the virtual deck and will apply when “Drop to Cue Point” is enabled. Note: This is a REL mode feature and is only applied for control vinyl.

Spin Nearest

Spin platter forwards or backwards to align the first cue point or start of track with your vinyl sticker.

Spin Forwards

Always spin platter forwards, to align the first Cue Point or start of track with your vinyl sticker.

Spin Backwards

Always spin platter backwards, to align the first Cue Point or start of track with your vinyl sticker.

Sticker Lock On Instant Double

Align the virtual deck spindle position you are instant doubling to with your vinyl sticker