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Library + Display


Show iTunes Library

Enable the Show iTunes library option to show your iTunes/Apple Music library and playlists in the Serato DJ Pro library. You can collapse your iTunes/Apple Music playlists by clicking on the  icon.

Disable Show iTunes library to remove iTunes playlists and iTunes songs from your Serato DJ Pro library. To add your iTunes music to your Serato DJ Pro library permanently, drag and drop tracks from the iTunes  playlists onto the word “All” (on the far left hand side of the Serato DJ screen), or into individual Serato DJ crates.

Any files moved to “All”, an existing crate, or a new crate will now remain in Serato DJ Pro even when “read iTunes library” option is unchecked. Once a file has been permanently added to Serato DJ , the iTunes logo will disappear.

We recommend un-checking this option after you have added your music into the Serato DJ library.


  • If your iTunes library contains a large number of tracks it may take some time for Serato DJ to read it.
  • Any changes made in Serato DJ to the file information of tracks in your iTunes library will not  appear in iTunes until after you play the track in iTunes.
  • Serato DJ cannot play flies that have been protected by Digital Rights Management systems, such  as those previously sold through the Apple iTunes Music Store. iTunes Plus files are DRM-free.
  • iTunes is available for Mac and PC. To get more information, visit

Protect Library

Enable to lock your library and prevent accidental track or crate deletion. Enabling this setting willalso lock all file tags and crate names, so that no text can be changed.

Custom Crate Columns

Enable this option to allow you to customize column views for each crate and playlist. When the option is disabled, all crates will share the same column configuration. If a column size is modified  within one crate, it will affect all crates.

Center on Selected Song

With this option on, scrolling up and down in your library keeps the selected track in the middle of the library panel.

Include Subcrate Tracks

Displays the tracks from any subcrates in their parent crate. With this disabled, browsing in a parent crate will not show tracks that are in any subcrates of that parent crate.

Played Track Color

You can select between either the colors Gray, Blue or None for your played track. This means that once you play a track, it will appear your selected color in the library as an indicator that you have already played the track.

Reset Played Tracks

Manually clear recently played tracks and return the color of tracks in your library to white.

Reset Played Tracks on Exit

Enable this checkbox to clear the recently played list of tracks, and return the color of tracks in your library to white, after closing Serato DJ.

Enable Play Count

Enable this option to increase Play Count each time a song is played on deck, except when using offline mode.

Library Text Size

Adjust this slider to increase and decrease the font size for the main library and crates area. You can also use the keyboard shortcuts control + and control – to increase and decrease the font size.


Show Tempo Matching Display

Enable the Tempo Matching Display. The Tempo Matching Display is visible in Vertical or Horizontal View Modes. Match the peaks to align the tempo of playing tracks.

Hide Track/Artist (AM Mode)

Check this box to hide Artist name and Track Title. Click in the Track Info display area to temporarily show the Artist/Track name. You can quickly turn this feature on and off by using the Alt + M keyboard shortcut.

EQ Colored Waveforms

With the EQ Colored Waveforms option enabled, the position of the Channel EQ controls on supported controller/mixer hardware affects the color of the moving waveform for the corresponding deck. The Low EQ boosts or cuts Red, Mid EQ affects Green, and the Hi EQ control affects Blue.

Colour Key Display

With this option enabled, keys will be colored according to their position on the circle of fifths. Unrecognized keys will remain uncolored.

Performance Pad Cue layout

Use this option to toggle between Legacy Cue Layout (off) or Performance Pad Cue Layout (on) in the virtual
deck area.

Show Key As

This option allows you to select which key notation you would like to be displayed in your library.

Hi-Res Display

Enabling this feature allows Serato DJ Pro to scale the user interface for Retina, UHD and other higher
resolution displays.
NOTE: The Hi-Res Screen Display option may have a performance impact and requires a restart of Serato DJ
Pro to take effect.

Maximum Screen Updates

This slider allows you to lower Serato DJ’s screen refresh rate and potentially use less CPU. Users with slower computers or those running a recording program at the same time might like to do this if they are having performance issues. The default setting is 60 Hz, or refreshed 60 times per second. This setting applies to the entire Serato DJ user interface; the Virtual Decks, the Waveforms, the library, and the setup screen.

Deck BPM Display

The pitched Deck BPM display is found on the Virtual Platter in Vertical, Horizontal, or Extended view and in the Virtual Deck Track Info area in the Stack and Library views. The display resolution is selectable when controller hardware is connected, and when in DVS internal mode.  Select “2 Decimal Places” for better precision when tempo-matching tracks using the visual BPM indication. Select “1 Decimal Place” if you prefer tempo-matching by ear and a cleaner visual display.

Send Anonymous Usage Data to Serato

Help Serato improve products and support by automatically sending information about Serato DJ and how you use it. Data is completely anonymous and will not affect performance. You can opt out by de-selecting this check box.

Music Streaming

Show Streaming Services

Serato DJ Pro can read and display your Streaming library. Enable this option, then choose and log-in to a
compatible streaming service to manage your playlists and DJ with streaming tracks.