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DJ Preferences

Control Preferences

Playback Keys Use Shift

Enable this to prevent your keyboard from accidentally triggering the keyboard shortcuts (play, pause, bend, pitch +/-, rewind, fast forward, censor and jump to Cue Points). If you do not have shift down or caps lock on pressing a key will take you to the track whose first letter matches that key (if columns sorted alphabetically).

Lock Playing Deck

Use this option to prevent accidental track loads or changes. If the Lock playing deck option is selected, you can only change the song on a Virtual Deck that is paused.

Sort Cues and Loops Chronologically

Tick this option to sort the cue points and saved loops on a track, in chronological order.

Enable Hot Cues

When this option is enabled, you can set cue points to empty cue point slots, using the 1-0 keys without needing to press the control key.

Track End Warning

Tick this option to ash the progress bar around the outside of the virtual deck when you are 20 seconds from the end of the track. This does not apply to tracks less than one minute long.

Disable Needle Search During Playback

Disables the search strip on a controller when a track is playing. You can still use the search strip function by holding the Shift button.

Show Beat Jump Controls

Show and enable Beat Jump controls. Checking this box will turn on Beat Jump features in the Virtual Deck area and let you control Beat Jump from your supported Serato DJ hardware.

Use Auto Gain

As part of the overview building process, Serato DJ automatically calculates an auto gain value for each track. This value represents the gain adjustment required to match the perceived loudness of the track to a reference level. If the Use Auto Gain option is checked, each time a track containing auto gain data is loaded to a deck, the track gain knob will be set to a value that matches the level of audio in the track to the reference value selected from the drop down list to the right.

The drop down list allows you to select from 89dB (quieter) to 98dB (louder), however 92dB (default setting) is the recommend value.


Adjust to set the start/stop speed when you press the play/pause button. The left most setting is an instant start/stop, the right most setting is a slow turntable style, start up or power down.

NOTE: For selected Serato DJ hardware, this is adjustable on the hardware, not in the software.

Replace Pad Mode with Stems

Enable this to replace a specified hardware pad mode with Stems tab controls.

NOTE: This option is only available with compatible hardware connected.

Replace Accessory Hardware Pad mode with Stems

Enable this to replace a specified accessory hardware pad mode with Stems tab controls.

NOTE: This option is only available with compatible hardware connected.

On Song Load

Play from start

Positions the playhead at the start of each track when loaded. If this setting is not enabled, freshly loaded tracks will continue to play from the point the last track was at. This option is on by default. This option is overridden by instant doubles and play from first Cue Point options.

NOTE: When play from start is selected on the setup screen, the deck will try to skip any silence at the start of the track, and play from the start of the audio.

NOTE: If you have Beatgrids, the Downbeat Marker will be considered to be the start of the track.

Instant Doubles

Instant Doubles allows you to quickly match the playhead position of the same file on both decks.

When enabled, load a track to one virtual deck (or sample slot) that is already loaded on the other virtual deck (it must be the same file), the playhead will jump to the position of the track playing. This also copies the Keylock state, Sync state and Looping settings.

If you are using 4 deck hardware, using the keyboard shortcuts to load the same file, will instant double the file loaded to corresponding active deck.

NOTE: This setting overrides the play from start and play from first Cue Point options.

Play from first Cue Point

Enable this option to start all tracks from the first Cue Point when loaded.

NOTE: This setting overrides the play from start option. If the track has no Cue Points set it will play from the start.

Analyze Stems

Enable this option to initialize Stems analysis on song load, rather than when a Stems function is triggered.

Turn Off FX 

When loading a track to a virtual deck, the corresponding bank of FX will be turned off.

Virtual Deck Speed

You can change the Virtual Deck speed and as a result, the speed of the platters on your Serato DJ hardware or turntable, between 33RPM and 45RPM.

NOTE: Setting this to 45RPM will use more processing power and could increase the chance for audio dropouts on lower end machines.


Recording Bit Depth

Select the recording bit depth as either 16 Bit or 24 Bit.

File Format

Select the file format you wish the recording to be saved as (AIFF or WAV).