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DVS control with the Rane MP2015

To use the Rane MP2015 mixer with DVS control and Serato DJ, you will first need to purchase a Serato DJ licence and a DVS Expansion Pack licence (these two products have been bundled together as the Club Kit). You can purchase the Club Kit here For more information about the required licences to use a Club Kit ready mixer, check out the Club Kit licence guide here.

Once you have purchased the Club Kit (or individual licences separately) follow the steps below to get DVS control working with your Rane MP2015 mixer:

1. Install Drivers and Firmware

Connect your mixer and open the latest version of Serato DJ. You should see an ‘INSTALL DRIVER’ dialogue box appear in the right hand side-panel. Click ‘INSTALL DRIVER’ and follow the installer prompts. If you don’t have the supported hardware with you right now you can still download the driver from the hardware manufacturers website.

You will also need to make sure you have updated to the latest firmware version using the Rane Control Panel. The Rane Control Panel is included with the MP2015 driver for Windows (PC). If you are using a Mac (OS X) you can download the Rane Control Panel from the Rane website here. You will see the firmware version of the connected mixer at the bottom of the panel, and an option to upgrade if available.

2. Select Input source

Once turntables or CDJs are connected to the mixer, check that you are using the correct input setting on the back of the mixer. If you have connected a phono source (turntables), set the mode switch to PH, for a line-level input (CDJ analog out) set the mode to CD, and for a S/PDIF digital source (CDJ digital out) set the mode to SP accordingly.

3. Select Primary Decks

Also in the AUDIO tab of the SETUP screen, you will need to select your Primary Decks.

Choosing Channel 1 and 2 will allow you to have a traditional 1-2-3-4 channel configuration. Choosing Channel 2 and 3 will allow you to have a 3-1-2-4 configuration (from left to right across the mixer).

Select which deck configuration you are using with the mixer and change if necessary. If you notice you are getting signal from your control tone but on the wrong deck, you might need to double-check your Primary Decks in the SETUP screen or the physical inputs on the back of the mixer. 

Enable MIDI for both USB ports and set Port MIDI Channel

When uisng the MP2015 with Serato DJ, we recomend you enable MIDI for both USB ports using the Rane Control Panel. To enable USB MIDI;

  1. Open the Rane Control Panel (available here)
  2. Enable MIDI for both USB ports (you will need to connect a USB to both ports to change them individually)
  3. Also make sure that the MP2015 is set to Port MIDI Channel 1. This will allow the mixer to connect to Serato DJ correctly.

Once MIDI is enabled for both USB ports and Port MIDI channel is set to 1, Serato DJ will be able to read the THRU state of the mixer and will reflect inside the software. You are now set up and ready to use the Rane MP2015 with Serato DJ.