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Vestax Hardware Drivers and Firmware

Vestax is no longer in operation and all Vestax hardware is discontinued. While some Vestax hardware may work with Serato DJ software, we cannot guarantee this hardware will work flawlessly with our software.

Drivers and firmware for Vestax controllers are currently unavailable from their website. We have done the best we can to gather these files, but at this stage they are only available in German.

All we are hosting these files to help users who may need them and have checked that they are all functioning, Serato can take no responsibility for any issues that may arise from their use.

If you have a Vestax controller and wish to use Serato DJ you will need to make sure you are running the correct firmware and drivers for that controller. Failing to use the relevant drivers and/or firmware for your device can result in your controller not connecting or performing correctly. If you are having issues connecting your Vestax device to Serato DJ, try downloading and updating your driver and/or firmware from the list below:

Vestax Typhoon:
Typhoon ASIO driver installer (PC)

Vestax VCi-100 MKII
VCi-100MKII ASIO driver installer (PC)

Vestax VCi-380:
VCi-380 driver (PC)
Vestax VCi-380 XML mapping for Scratch Live (PC & Mac)

Vestax VCi-400:
VCi-400 driver (PC)
VCi-400 standalone mixer firmware 2.0 update (PC & Mac)
VCi-400 for Serato DJ update Firmware (PC & Mac)

NOTE: Most Vestax products do not need drivers on Mac OS X. If you are still having issues connecting your Vestax products after updating to the latest firmware and drivers make sure you consult our connection troubleshooting guide for OS X.

Windows (PC) users might also benefit from downloading the latest version of ASIO4ALL - a generic audio driver for third party sound-cards. You can also try the steps in our connection troubleshooting guide for Windows.

Download ASIO4ALL v2.9

If you are still having issues connecting your Vestax controller, or are using another piece of Vestax hardware that is not on this list, please start a help request listing all the troubleshooting steps you have tried and as much detail about your issue as possible.