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Library icons and descriptions

Library Status Icons

 Serato DJ has detected some corruption in the file.

It is possible this file may not play correctly, and/or make your library unstable. We highly recommend removing all corrupt files from your library. If possible, re-encode the MP3 or download again. 

 The track has been imported from the iTunes library. 

Serato DJ can import your iTunesTM library allowing you to play your iTunes music and access playlists. To enable this feature go to the Setup screen, open the library tab and check the show iTunes library box.

 The track has been imported from iTunes but is corrupt.

This file is being read from your iTunes library since you have the option turned on in the Setup screen, however Serato DJ is detecting corruption in the file. Please consider removing it from your iTunes library and/or re-encoding the file (iTunes can do this itself).

 Serato DJ is trying to import a track from the iTunes library, but cannot find the file.

This file is being read from your iTunes library since you have the option turned on in the Setup screen, however the file is missing or removed. Please make sure iTunes can see the track in its correct location before starting Serato DJ.

 The track is missing. Most likely the file has been renamed or moved.

Serato DJ doesn’t copy the music into the application, it references the music files where it currently lives on your hard drive. If you move your music files to a different location, Serato DJ will show these as missing files in your Library. If you get a "File Not Found" error, you may have removed or moved the file from it's original location that Serato DJ was reading it from. Please read this article on Relocating Lost files with Serato DJ


Lock Tracks

 The track is locked.

If a track displays a gold lock in the Status column, then the file information for the track itself cannot be changed.

You will not be able to change any of the track’s information permanently in Serato DJ. This includes BPM, Beatgrids, waveforms, loops, cue points, or other metadata information. However, you may be able to adjust information for the track when in a session, but this information will not be saved (written) to the file’s meta tags where this information is kept.

The file may be locked because you are using the wrong formatted hard drive (i.e. a NTFS drive formatted on a Windows PC and trying to use this on a Mac which can only read this information). Or it could be the file itself is locked. To find out if a track is locked, highlight the track in Serato DJ, and press control + R to ‘reveal’ the file location on your hard drive. Then press either command + I (‘Get Info’ for Mac) or alt + enter (‘Properties’ for Windows). Then see if the track is Read Only, or that you have the permissions to write to the file.

 The track’s Beatgrid and BPM is locked.

Tracks in your library can be locked to avoid accidentally changing the BPM or Beatgrid information for the file. This provides a handy visual aid for tracks in your library you feel have correct Beatgrids and BPM values.

Find a track you wish to lock, hold control + click in the empty Status column (the first column in the main Library view). A Blue Lock icon will be displayed in this field. Press control + click again on this icon to unlock the track.

  • TIP: You can lock several tracks at once. Highlight the track selection you want and then click in the Status column. Serato DJ will then prompt you if you want to edit all the tags for these tracks.


Whitelabel Tracks

 The Track is a Whitelabel Audio File.

Whitelabel audio files are a unique file format (file extension .wl.mp3) developed by Serato. They are specially prepared for use in Serato DJ - with files pre-analyzed, tagged with song and artist info, BPM and album art where possible.

Whitelabel audio files play as high quality 320kbps stereo audio in Serato DJ when your hardware is connected. Without an Serato DJ hardware connected, or when playing these files through other mp3 software and devices, they will play as low quality 32kbps mono audio. Whitelabel audio files are promotional releases from records labels available to Serato DJs for free from

 The Track is a locked Whitelabel Audio File

Due to some labels’ licensing requirements, certain Whitelabel audio files will require email and password verification to unlock them. If you have legitimately downloaded these tracks yourself, entering the email and password you use for will unlock the files for playback within Serato DJ. If you are still having problems unlocking these files, please contact Serato Support:


Please read the Serato DJ manual for more information