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Sorting and browsing your library

Navigating your library

The library contains all the music that you have added to Serato DJ Pro. By using browse and search you can easily narrow down your selection to find the track you want.

TIP: You can change the size of your library text by using the keyboard shortcuts control + and control -.

Use the keyboard shortcut control + F to jump to the search box. This keyboard shortcut will also take you out of any crate or playlist that you might be in and into your main library, so you can find any track in your collection. If you then click on a crate or playlist, the search query will be cleared. To select which fields the search function will look through, click on the left hand side of the search box. The drop down menu shows which fields are currently being used. Press escape or the X button on the right of the search box to clear the search.

Setting up Columns

The track information display area in the library can be customized to display any of the columns listed below.

  • Added
  • Album
  • Artist
  • Bit rate
  • BPM
  • Comment
  • Composer
  • Filename
  • Genre
  • Grouping
  • Key
  • Label
  • Length
  • Location
  • Remixer
  • Sampling Rate
  • Size
  • Track
  • Year

Clicking on the triangle at the top-right of the library (under the search function) as well as right clicking on the header of any library column, will show the list so you can turn fields on and off. You can resize columns by grabbing the edge and dragging to the width you want.Screen_Shot_2018-07-04_at_2.56.42_PM.png
Tip: These columns can come in handy if you need to troubleshoot an issue. The 'Location' column is a really helpful tool as it tells you where Serato DJ Pro is reading that file from on your computers hard drive. If your tracks are missing but you don't know why, checking the Location column can give you a clue as to where Serato DJ Pro is trying to read the file from, so you can either put the files back into that location or tell Serato DJ Pro to look elsewhere by using the 'Relocate Lost Files' feature.

Sorting Columns

You can sort any column by clicking on the column header you wish to sort by. Click once to order  by ascending values or twice to order by descending values.

Tip: Using the first column of the library is a great way to group files together and delete bulk missing or corrupt files. Click the arrow in the first column to sort all your missing files together. All missing files will now be at the top (or bottom) of your library.Screen_Shot_2018-07-04_at_2.47.24_PM.png

You can also assign a secondary sort column, if say, you wish to organise by BPM, then by Key, for example.
Holding CTRL (CMD on OSX/macOS) on your keyboard, and clicking on the desired second column will assign it as a secondary column. Clicking a second time on a primary or secondary column will change between an ascending and descending sort.
Holding CTRL + SHIFT while clicking on the secondary column, will disable secondary sorting.

Song Browser 

The song browser allows you to filter your song list by Genre, BPM, Artist and Album. To turn the song browser on or off, click the Browse button. You can narrow down your search by selecting the specific genre, BPM or name of the track you’re looking for, and Serato DJ Pro will show the results on the main library window. You can move between the four filters with the computer keyboard or by clicking with the mouse.

Please read the Serato DJ Pro manual for more information