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Troubleshooting iTunes

If you are experiencing issues using the new ‘Music’ application with macOS 10.15 Catalina, please use the troubleshooting steps specific to this macOS here:

Whether the most recently added iTunes files or playlists are not showing up, or your iTunes files or playlists aren't showing up at all in your Serato software, there are few steps we recommend taking which may resolve your issue.

Why can't I see my Apple Music Files in Serato DJ?

Files from the Apple Music streaming service that is exclusive to iTunes and iOS devices are not supported in Serato DJ. Files from the Apple Music streaming service are DRM protected, and won't be playable in any other software, hence why these files do not show in Serato DJ software.

A full list of supported file types can be found here.

Why can't I see any of my iTunes music or playlists in Serato DJ?

The generation of the iTunes XML that contains all your music and playlist information (which Serato DJ reads) is now optional in iTunes 12.2 and above.

Open the iTunes application and check Preferences > Advanced to make sure to set the option "Share iTunes Library XML with other applications" on to allow it to be read by Serato DJ correctly.

NOTE: This step is not required when using macOS Catalina see Using Apple's Music application (iTunes) on macOS 10.15 Catalina with Serato DJ software

If you are still not seeing your iTunes files, you may need to try a few things..

Creating a new iTunes Music Library.XML file

When Serato DJ is reading from iTunes. It is reading from an XML file which is backup system iTunes created for its own database, which allows third-party software (like Serato DJ) to read your iTunes library.

If, for whatever reason, this XML get's corrupted by iTunes, you may see such issues like incorrect date added tags, missing files, new files not showing up when added to your iTunes library etc. It is possible that you will have music in your iTunes library that might not appear in Serato DJ. This could be due to a corrupt iTunes XML database. 

If this happens, what we can do is create a fresh iTunes Music Library.XML file by following the steps below.

1. Open your 'My music' folder (Windows XP) or default 'Music' folder(Mac/Vista/Windows 7).
2. Open your 'iTunes' folder.
3. Drag the 'iTunes Music Library.xml' file to your desktop.

4. Open iTunes (It will create a new XML file automatically) 
NOTE: If your iTunes library continues to not show up in Serato DJ after creating a new iTunes Music Library.XML go to the iTunes folder and check that it is called 'iTunes Music Library.XML' and not 'iTunes Library.XML'You have now created a new iTunes XML file for Serato DJ to read. Just to be sure your tracks will show in Serato software, you will need to force a rescan of all the ID3 tags for the entire iTunes library.

Please follow the steps below to rescan you ID3 tags in iTunes. Do not open the Serato software just yet..

Rescanning ID3 tags in iTunes
After creating a new 'iTunes Music Library.XML' file, you need to force a rescan of the ID3 tags, this will update your .XML file for any updated tags and tracks. If you do not follow this step, you might still notice missing files or incorrect track data.
1. Close all programs/software running on your computer.
2. Launch your iTunes application.
3. Click on your 'Songs' within the 'Library' menu, to show all the files in your library.

4. Select all files by pressing Command + A (Mac)  or Control + A (Windows).
5. Right click on the highlighted area and select "Get Info" from the drop down menu.
6. Click 'Edit Items' when asked if you want to edit multiple items.
7. Click 'ok' at the bottom of the edit page.
8. Close iTunes once it has finished processing.

Open up Serato software. Uncheck and recheck the "Show iTunes Library" checkbox in the Setup screen. Your iTunes library should now be correct and listed in your library.

If you are having any further issues please contact the Serato Support Team by starting a Help Request listing all your computer details and troubleshooting steps you have tried.

Rebuilding the iTunes .itl file

If your iTunes is not generating a new .xml file then it is quite likely you will need to then rebuild the iTunes .itl file.  

  1. Close all programs
  2. Open the Music>iTunes folder
  3. Make sure there is an iTunes .xml file in there first
  4. Backup the .itl file somewhere safe
  5. Right click on the .itl file and open it with TextEdit/Wordpad or any word editing program.
  6. Clear the contents of the .itl file and save the file.
  7. Reopen iTunes

iTunes will then rebuild your .ITL file from the .XMLml file in there. Any information between the when your iTunes .xml file was last updated and now will, unfortunately, be gone. However moving forward you should now have a .xml that will update regularly and this will be reflected in your Serato Library.PS. This will reset the 'Date Added' column in your iTunes library. Hence why we advise to keep a backup of your .itl if this doesn’t resolve it.