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Why are my iTunes files on the external drive missing in Serato DJ?

Some users have found that music files imported into Serato DJ from iTunes are missing (turning orange), or showing "File Not Found", when loaded to a virtual deck, or when id3 tags are rescanned. Using the Relocate Lost Files function does not relocate these missing files.

This happens when iTunes cannot access the library iTunes folder, or these individual files.

This is usually a problem when the iTunes Media folder location is changed to an external hard drive, and iTunes is opened without that external drive connected to your computer.

This causes iTunes to revert your iTunes Media folder location back to the default location on the internal drive, changing all your music files location to direct to the internal drive, where the music files are not located.


  1. Exit Serato DJ and keep it closed.
  2. Open iTunes and connect your external hard drive.
  3. Click on 'Music' to show all the songs in your library and click on one of the songs.
  4. Use the keyboard shortcut Command + A (Mac) or Ctrl + A (PC) to select all the songs in your iTunes music library.
  5. Use the keyboard shortcut Command + I (Mac) or Ctrl + I (PC) to 'Get info' for the selected songs.
  6. Click 'Yes' when asked if you want to edit multiple items.
  7. Click 'OK' at the bottom of the edit page without making any changes.
  8. Allow iTunes to process all your files (this may take some time).
  9. Once iTunes is finished, exit iTunes and make sure it's closed completely.
  10. Restart Serato DJ.

Following the above steps will reset your iTunes Music folder location back to the proper location (your external hard drive) and resolve this issue.

If you're simply using an external drive to move your library between computers, check out our guide on How to move your iTunes library to a new location.