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Mixing with one turntable in Serato DJ

Serato DJ contains some advanced features that allow you to perform feats not possible with normal DJ equipment. One of these features is using instant doubles, where you can continue mixing as if you had two turntables or CD players when really you are using just one.

If one of your turntables is not performing properly or if you only have one available you can continue mixing the way you are used to. It's time well spent practicing this technique just in case you need to do this playing live.

How to mix with one deck

The following is a step-by-step guide on how to continue mixing using a standard 2-channel mixer. Let's assume you are in the middle of playing live and your left turntable stop's working. While the club's engineer is working on fixing it you should:

1. Go into the setup screen in Serato DJ and select "Instant doubles".

2. Your current track is playing on the working right hand side turntable, and from now on must stay in either abs or rel mode. 

3. On the left hand side of your mixer you need to copy all the settings you have made on the right hand side of the mixer. Copy over the gain, EQ, pan and fader settings. 

4. In Serato DJ change the left hand deck to int mode and press play. Then click and drag the track currently playing on the right hand deck into the left hand deck and it will be automatically in sync. All you need to do now is flick the crossfader over to the left. 

5. Now load and cue up a new record onto the right hand side and mix in the track. 

6. From this point always keep the left hand side of your mixer looking like the right hand side. Any changes you make such as gain, EQ, etc you make to the right hand side of the mixer you should also make to the left hand side of the mixer.

Why not try the same technique with the working turntable on the left hand side of the mixer. This instant doubles feature prepares you for the worst DJ situation.