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Steps to create a different iTunes Library

Steps to create a different iTunes Library

1. If iTunes is running, quit iTunes.

2. If you are using a Mac, open iTunes and immediately hold down the Alt Option key.

3. If you are using Windows, hold down the Shift key and from the Start menu and choose All Programs > iTunes > iTunes.

4. You should see the following screen:

(If you do not see the above window, then you did not hold the correct key at the correct time. You may want to try again. Note that if you pinned iTunes to the Start menu programs, and open it that way, it may not work).

5. Click Create Library and a New iTunes Library window will pop up.

6. Click Save within the New iTunes Library window.

7. iTunes will create an iTunes 1 folder in your Music folder and open a brand new iTunes library (don't worry your old playlists and songs are fine)

8. Go into the iTunes Preferences and click on the Advanced tab.

9. Uncheck the option "Copy files to iTunes Music folder when adding to library" and then close the iTunes Preferences (this will prevent iTunes from duplicating all of your audio files).

10. At the top of iTunes screen click File, go to where is says Library, and then choose Import Playlists

 11. Go to the iTunes folder (within your user Music folder) and choose to open the iTunes Music Library.xml file.

12. iTunes will begin to import your old playlists and etc into your new iTunes library (this may take quite a while).

13. Once iTunes is finished, your new iTunes library should display all the old playlists from your previous library.

14. Close iTunes

15. Start Serato DJ and your iTunes Library will load as it did before.

*Note* Do not delete the old iTunes folder found within your user Music folder