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Pitch 'n Time Pro Vocal mode with the TC/E tool in Pro Tools 7.3 and lower

Pitch 'n Time Pro 2.4 (and probably future versions)

The Issue:
When using TC/E trimmer tool with anything other than the default mode, you must first select that mode (e.g. V mode) and save a "preset" (or otherwise known as a Setting). To use this preset with TC/E tool, you go to Setup->Preferences->Processing, select "Serato Pitch 'n Time Pro" for "TC/E Plugin" drop-down box, and your saved setting for "Default Settings". Now you would think you're ready to use that saved mode with the TC/E tool. However, doing this on Pro Tools 7.3 and lower does NOT work. You must execute a workaround. 

A Fix:
This will be fixed with Pro Tools versions 7.4 (and higher). However if you have a lower version, you will still have to use the following workaround. 

A Workaround:
For example to use V mode with TC/E tool on ProTools 7.3 or lower

1) Open PnT Pro.
2) Click on V.
3) Save a new setting using the drop down next to in the plug-in header.
4a) Call the new setting "V mode".
4b) Click on "Set As User Default" (also drop down next to 
4c) Click "Settings Preferences->Set Plugin default to->User Setting"
4d) Close plugin
5) Go to Setup -> Preferences -> Processing.
6) Your TC/E Plug-In should be Serato Pitch 'n Time Pro
7) Choose "V mode" as the Default Setting.
8) Process using the TC/E tool.

Pro Tools 7.4 has now been released (see for more information).

The TC/E tool works as expected with Pitch 'n Time Pro 2.4 and Pro Tools 7.4.