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What are the features of Serato Pitch 'n Time Pro?

Serato Pitch 'n Time Pro offers the following features:

  • Modify tempo from 12.5% to 800% of original and simultaneously pitch shift by ±36 semitones.
  • Unrivalled and unprecedented processing quality.
  • Unique patented time compression/expansion and pitch-shifting algorithm.
  • No loss of timing accuracy.
  • Process stereo tracks without phasing.
  • Process Dolby matrix encoded tracks without losing surround information.
  • Time stretch by tempo change, length change, target length, or target BPM.
  • Select pitch shift by frequency change or semitone shift.
  • Preview changes in real time.
  • Fully Mac and Windows compatible
  • Multi-Channel Mode - allows you to process up to 48 tracks together while maintaining their original phase coherency.
  • Time-Morph - allows you to drop a marker at an event and move it anywhere; the audio flexes before and after to allow you to stretch out a single note, or even change the timing of a loop.
  • Variable Pitch Mapping - allows you to pitch-correct individual notes, remove or create pitch slides, or even make a realistic record scratch sound.
  • Variable Tempo Mapping - gives you the power to create variable tempo maps and changes over the length of your sample.
  • Waveform Overview - means you can actually see the effects of your tempo map as it is applied directly to the waveform.

For full details of Pitch 'n Time Pro features you can download the manual here.