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Crash Reporting

When using Serato DJ 1.8 or above on Mac, Serato DJ will automatically send crash reports without you being prompted to submit these. Crash reports are only sent if you have this enabled under Setup > Library + Display > Send Anonymous Usage Data to Serato.

When Serato DJ Pro opens, and every 60 minutes after this, the software will check for any crash reports from previous sessions that still need to be submitted and will then send these to our crash reporter.

There may be situations where you need to locate these crash dump files (.dmp) manually. A Support agent may ask you to provide a crash dump to help with your ongoing help request. Alternatively, if you are experiencing consistent software crashes (particularly in a reproducible manner), please submit a crash dump and a description of what you did or were doing at the time of the crash - Submit a help request.


These can be found in the ~Music > _Serato_ > Reports folder.

IMPORTANT: If you use a macOS computer with Apple Silicon (M1, M2, M3), you won't be able to find the latest crash reports in the following folders. You will need to reproduce the crash you're experiencing, then copy and paste the full crash reporter dialogue text into a TextEdit document, which you can save and attach to your help request.

Any files not successfully sent to our crash reporter will be displayed in the new or pending folders. Files in the completed folder have already been sent.



These can be found in ~users/username/AppData/Local/Serato/SeratoDJ/Dumps

NOTE: The AppData folder is usually hidden on Windows by default. Use Windows search to find 'Show Hidden files and folders' and enable the 'Show hidden files' box


When submitting your help request, please provide a detailed description of what you did at the time of the crash.

You might just be providing the reproduction steps for an issue we haven't yet been able to reproduce.