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Using the 'Relocate Lost Files' feature

Serato DJ has a great built in feature which can relocate your music if it has been moved to a different location on your computer. This how-to will give you a quick run down on using "relocate lost files" effectively.

File Not Found?

Whenever you change the location of a song or re-name a folder Serato DJ will "lose" the connection to the music resulting in it appearing red in your library. This means you cant load or play the track, and a "File Not Found" message will be displayed in its place.

In this example, Serato DJ has lost some of my music, due to me moving a folder to a new location on my hard-drive. My music is still on my hard drive, but Serato DJ can't find it anymore.
Note: If you want to see the location of where Serato DJ thinks the files are located, check the "Location" column in the library. This is a good place to check when troubleshooting missing files. If the file isn't in it's listed location, it will show as missing in the software.

Note: If the missing files have come from your iTunes library that has been loaded into Serato DJ, disable the option 'show iTunes library' from the 'library + display' tab, this will allow the files to be relocated correctly. 

Luckily, there is an easy way to fix your playlist, providing you know roughly where to point Serato DJ to.

1: Click on the 'Files' button to bring up the Files panel.

2: Navigate through the Files panel to select the folder that you want Serato DJ to search through. You can be as specific, or as general as you like when selecting your folder. If you know where all the music is, this step is easy. However if you are unsure, you could search the entire contents of your music folder, or similar. NOTE: The larger the folder, the longer it will take to scan/search.

IMPORTANT: Turn off the Show iTunes Library option under Setup > Library + Display before proceeding with step 3. A failure to do this may cause duplicate entries to appear in your library after relocation has completed.

3: Now, simply drag and drop this folder onto the "Relocate Lost Files" button, and Serato DJ will search this folder for your missing music. As long as the missing tracks are in that folder and names haven't been changed, they will be relocated.

4: Close the Files panel down. Your tracks should no longer appear missing.

NOTE: If you disabled the Show iTunes Library option as per the recommendation above, you may now re-enable it, via Setup > Library + Display.

You can now load your missing tracks and get back to playing your music! If you run into any problems while doing this please start a new help request.