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How to: Daisy Chain two SL 3s

This article explains how to connect two SL 3s together, allowing two DJs to play off separate computers using only one standard DJ set up.

Before we get started, this is what you will need for this setup:

  • 1 x Standard DJ setup (2 turntables or CD players, mixer, headshells, slipmats, control vinyl, etc)
  • 2 x Rane SL 3s (and power supplies if needed)
  • 4 x RCA cables (not including the turntable / CD player connections)
  • 2 x USB cables
  • 2 x Computers

 Connect it all up like this: (Scroll down for step-by-step instructions)

Daisy chaining two SL 3s together

Daisy chaining two SL 3s together

Here are the step by step instructions for setting this up: 

  1. Connect the turntables (or CD players) as normal to SL 3 A (in this case the one on the left).
  2. Set the dip switches on SL 3 A to the appropriate setting - phono for turntables / line for CD players.
  3. Connect the outputs of SL 3 A to the inputs of SL 3 B (on the right).
  4. Set the dip switches of SL 3 B to line.
  5. Connect the outputs of SL 3 B to line inputs on your mixer.
  6. Set your mixer channels to line.
  7. Connect a computer to each SL 3

Now, when you want to play a track off computer A (connected to SL 3 A), set SL 3 B to thru (allowing the music to pass through into the mixer).

When you want to play a song off computer B (connected to SL 3 B), set SL 3 A to thru (which allows the control signal to pass through to SL 3 B).

Things to remember:

* The thru state of the SL 3 is set in software. If you plan on swapping back and forth alot between computers, you could midi assign this function.

* If you plan on disconnecting a computer at any time, make sure the SL 3 is powered by the provided power supply to ensure it remains in a thru state. Otherwise you will lose the audio connection.