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Numark NS6 platter sensitivity and calibration

The NS6 features intelligent platters that continually calibrate themselves to the user and to their environment as long as it is powered on.

Temperature and humidity vary from venue to venue, and also throughout the night.  To provide the best possible touch response and feel in varying environments, the NS6 continually calibrates the capacitive touch-sensitive platters as you work. 

Initial calibration is quick and easy, though not required:

Prior to beginning a set and after power on, deliberately touch both platters in several different places.

This allows the NS6 to calibrate to your touch, and ensures that platter sensitivity is just right (i.e. not too sensitive).

Note: It doesn't matter whether the Serato DJ application is running, but the NS6 must be powered on for the intelligent firmware to be active.

Note: The NS6 will recalibrate every time you touch the wheel, so if you don't touch upon power on it's ok, just remember to touch when you load up and cue your first song of the set.