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Create an accurate Beatgrid for Acapella tracks warped in Ableton Live

If you have an acapella or track that you have correctly warped in Ableton Live, and you want to create an accurate Beatgrid in Serato DJ, this article explains what to do.

NOTE: In Ableton Live you will need to make a note of the tempo/BPM value from the session you warped the acapella or track in.

Warping an acapella in Ableton Live
Warping an acapella in Ableton Live

Do the following to easily create an accurate Beatgrid for these tracks:

  1. In the Serato DJ library find the warped track, and double click on the 'BPM' field in the library view.
  2. Enter the BPM value from Ableton Live and press Enter.
  3. Load this track to a virtual deck in Scratch Live.
  4. Enter Grid Edit Mode by pressing ALT+Spacebar.
  5. Press SHIFT+delete to clear your Beatgrid.
  6. Create a new Downbeat Marker by pressing X where you feel is the beginning of the track. This will create the Beatgrid for your track at the Ableton Live warped tempo.
  7. Press Enter to save the Beatgrid.

You now have an accurate Beatgrid for the track!

Create new Downbeat Marker
Create new Downbeat Marker