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Getting info on your graphics card


The information provided in the following article intended as an educational resource and is provided as is. Serato Audio Research does not develop OpenGL Extension Viewer and as a result does not offer any support for it. Should you have any questions about the operation of this product then please contact the developer of the software at the OpenGL Extension Viewer homepage.


There are many different graphics cards on the market and many different drivers available. As such it is very difficult for us to get information on what is wrong when Video-SL does something wrong that could be related to the graphics cards. Luckily there is a program that can easily gather information about the graphics card into a small file that we can use to figure out what is wrong.

Setting up the OpenGL Extension Viewer

Download and install from here: Make sure to select the correct version based on your Operating System.

The OpenGL Extension Viewer finds out information from the graphics card and allows this information to be saved / sent to us.

At the time of writing OpenGL Extension Viewer is version 2.32

To get information:

1. Launch OpenGL Extension Viewer

When you launch you will be greeted with:

2. Select Save-As from the 'File' menu

3. Save the file to the desktop (it will be called something like 'glview-ATI Radeon X1600 OpenGL Engine.xml')

3. Upload this file to us and let us know about it in a thread along with any information / screenshots you have of the problem.