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How do I activate Serato Video in Serato Scratch Live and Serato Itch?

Serato Video is a separate add-on program which runs alongside Scratch Live. You can download Serato Video here.

To authorize Serato Video, go into the SETUP screen in Scratch Live, select the 'Plugins' tab and select Serato Video. Click the box next to 'Enable Serato Video'. You will then need to enter your Serato Video serial number -  this is either found with your Serato Video physical purchase or in the purchase order receipt from your online purchase.

Screen_Shot_2019-07-18_at_11.20.51_AM.pngOnce you have completed these steps, Serato Video will be available from the main screen of Scratch Live.

NOTE: The same steps can be used to activate Serato Video in Serato Itch.