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Why does Serato Intelligent Sound™ work better than other time compression and expansion algorithms?

The answer is simple. Up until now researchers have looked at the problem of time stretching as a mathematical one, and applied objective mathematical techniques to the problem. They've failed, because they haven't properly defined what they're trying to solve.

It may seem obvious, but the perfect time stretch is one where the output sounds the same as the input, just faster or slower. The key word here is 'sounds', which means the problem isn't about waveforms or kilohertz - it's all about hearing.

Serato Audio Research has developed a sophisticated model of the human auditory system. In a sense, the software "listens" to the music, performing a sophisticated auditory scene analysis. Only by listening can it determine what 'sounds' the same, but faster or slower. Normally using such a sophisticated model of the human auditory system would be computationally prohibitive, so novel mathematical methods had to be developed by Serato to speed up this process in software.

Serato have US and international patents pending on this technique.