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What is the main difference between Pitch 'n Time Pro and Pitch 'n Time LE?

Pitch 'n Time Pro and Pitch 'n Time LE both include Serato's award winning Pitch 'n Time algorithm so both versions produce the same high quality output.

Pitch 'n Time LE has been designed to do high quality, straight forward time and pitch adjustment. With Pitch 'n Time LE you affect the selected audio with a single set of parameters per process.

In comparison Pitch 'n Time Pro includes a number of panels designed to allow the user to make a series of changes in a single process. For each process you are able to set multiple parameters.

Specifically the Variable Pitch panel, Variable Tempo panel, Time Morph panel and Varispeed mode from Pitch 'n Time Pro are not included in Pitch 'n Time LE.