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What is Serato Pitch 'n Time?

Pitch ’n Time is a high quality time stretching and pitch shifting technology that premiered in 1998, revolutionizing the way we work with audio in the studio environment. 

Pitch ’n Time allows changes in the original length of a piece of audio to be changed without affecting the quality of the overall performance. It also allows the fundamental key of the audio to be changed up or down in pitch (or transposed) without compromising quality, definition or intelligibility.

For these reasons Pitch ’n Time is renowned as the choice of audio professionals in the film and music industry for altering the original pitch or time length of an audio track. As a result you can hear Serato Pitch ’n Time technology at work on a huge variety of different tasks over the last 12 years. Pitch ’n Time’s flexibility means it’s an application that can be used to quickly overcome problems in the studio through to its inspirational use as a creative tool for sound design.

Pitch ’n Time is available in two different versions; Pro and LE.


  • Modify tempo independent of pitch and pitch independent of tempo.
  • Unique patented time compression/expansion and pitch-shifting algorithm.
  • No loss of timing accuracy.
  • Process stereo tracks without phasing.
  • Process Dolby matrix encoded tracks without losing surround information.