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Serato Sample Quickstart Guide for Ableton Live (using Push/Push 2)

You can use Ableton Push with Serato Sample the same as you would with Ableton's Drum Rack. To do this, you can either; download our preset or, follow the steps below to create your own Drum Rack instrument below; 

1. Add a Drum Rack to a new channel in Ableton;

2. Add Serato Sample in the 'Drop an Instrument or Sample Here' area of Drum Rack.

3. Click to enable the 'Show Chain List' button, and then the 'Show Input/Output Section';

4. Now select 'All Notes' in the dropdown list under the 'Receive' heading, under the 'Chain list' (it's right at the top, above note 'G8');

Additionally, check out our [VIDEO] - How to use Ableton Push with Serato Sample.