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Rec Location

Recordings are saved in the following default hard drive locations on your computer. You can change the recording location by clicking Rec Location and selecting the location you want to save to. The Status Bar at the bottom of the screen will show you how much space is free in your selected location.

  • C:\Users\<username>\Music\_Serato_\Recording (Windows)
  • ~/Users/<username>/Music/_Serato_/Recording (macOS)

TIP: If you exit Serato DJ without saving your recording, it will be stored in the “Recording temp” folder instead.

NOTE: WAV/AIFF formats are limited to a file size of 2GB with Serato DJ. If your recording exceeds this limit, it will continue to record your mix to a new file.

NOTE: Some hardware has recording limitations and / or a few extra steps required to set-up recording. Please refer to your user manual or the Serato Support website for how to assign a recording channel using this hardware.