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Using Cue Output routing with Serato Sample and Ableton Live

The advantages of using Cue Output routing with Serato Sample are that you can apply FX and individually treat each pad on a separate audio channel. It will also reduce load on the DAW by decreasing the number of instances of Serato Sample that you need to have loaded at one time. 

  1. Open Serato Sample on a MIDI channel in Ableton as normal and load up your selected sample. Click here if this is your first time using Serato Sample with Ableton.
  2. Designate a cue point (pad) for the sample you wish to trigger. Now click on the 'output' button and select the output you want to send audio for that pad to. In this example, channel 2 is selected.
  3. Open an audio channel in Ableton and select the same output as the input source for that channel. In this example 1-Serato Sample is selected as the audio input source and the channel is set to 2L/2R -Serato Sample to receive audio from that pad only. Set the channel monitor source to IN to hear the input signal through the master output of Ableton. 

* The default channel configuration for the channel output routing in Serato Sample is that channels 2-16 will relate to Ableton Live's input channels for Serato Sample 2-16.