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The Autoset feature is useful for quickly setting Cue points in Serato Sample, based on one of five preset modes. Using it will populate the pads with these cue points, according to the rule set by the Autoset mode preset.

Autoset can be found in the bottom left-hand corner of the plug-in, with the currently selected mode.

SAMPLE AUTOSET - Autosetbutton.png

To choose another Autoset mode, click the small arrow to the right of the button and a drop-down menu option will appear to reveal the other modes.

SAMPLE AUTOSET - Autoset modes.png

Once you’ve chosen an Autoset mode, press the Autoset button again to populate the pads with Cues. You can continually press the Autoset button to search for alternative cue points, if you find the ones that are initially set are not to your liking.

Repeatedly pressing the Autoset button will continue to re-populate every pad. Cues that have been ‘favorited’ will not be overwritten when using Autoset.


Autoset modes

  • Find Samples (default): Find Samples uses an algorithm to find regions of the song that are more suitable for sampling. Cues are then placed randomly but on beat within those regions.
  • Set Slicer: This mode creates 32 consecutive Cue points in a row (a domain), with a set length, starting from the current playhead position. The starting position of the domain can be adjusted using the Slice Region controls that appear after using the Slicer Autoset mode - via the left and right arrows. The length of each cue can be set using the beat value and the two left and right arrows. Cue length can be changed to several values between 1/16, and 16 beats, and adjusting the length will immediately reset all Cue points to match the respective setting.
  • Set Random: This mode creates Cues at 32 randomly selected positions on the track. Clicking ‘Set Random’ again will randomize the 32 Cue points.
  • Key Shift Pad: This mode allows the user to quickly duplicate a single pad across all 32 Cues, at different key increments, for creative, melodic performance possibilities. This is achieved by selecting the Cue you wish to ‘duplicate’, and then pressing the Autoset button - whereby the key selected for that Cue pad will become the ‘root’ value and each subsequent pad will increase by increments (of 1 or 2), ranging from -12 to +12.
  • Serato DJ: This mode will load Cue points previously set on the file in Serato DJ (option will be greyed out if no Serato DJ cues exist). The pad and cue colours displayed will be the same as the colours shown in Serato DJ, for each of those cues.