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Loading a file

Loading a file

Without a source file loaded, or after ejecting a source file, Serato Sample will show the ‘Load audio file’ screen.


Click and drag a supported file from macOS’ Finder or Windows’ Explorer into the plug-in window, or click ‘Load audio file’ to open the respective dialog box and locate the source file you wish to load.

Ejecting a file

Mouse-over the Track Info Display, to reveal the eject button. Use this button to unload the currently loaded source file from Serato Sample, in order to load a new file:SAMPLE - Eject.png

You can also drag and drop a file from macOS’ Finder or Windows’ Explorer directly into the plug-in window, to eject the currently loaded source file and quickly load a new file.

NOTE: Ejecting a file will discard all existing Cues.

Analyzing a file

Source files are analyzed when a file is successfully loaded.


A progress bar will be shown to indicate the process of the current analysis and can be terminated by pressing the Cancel button.

Locating a file

Moving a source file to a new directory on your computer will result in the file becoming ‘missing’ in Serato Sample, if an existing instance of Serato Sample is opened from a previously saved project.


When loading the session in your host DAW, you may be prompted by the host to locate the file, however, you can also locate the new file path directly within Serato Sample, by clicking the LOCATE AUDIO FILE button in the prompt.

It is good practice to move your source files to a permanent location, before importing them into Serato Sample for use in your productions, to avoid having to locate files more often than necessary.

Supported file formats

For a full list of all supported file formats please see SUPPORTED FILE FORMATS FOR SERATO SAMPLE.