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Serato Sample is a powerful and intuitive music production plug-in, designed for sampling and rearranging audio, for use with supported DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) software.

This user manual will help you get to know the various functions of the plug-in, however further tips, support and additional resources can be found throughout the Knowledge base - which we strongly recommend you explore.

System requirements

System requirements can be found on our website here. These system requirements are what Serato Sample has been developed and tested against. Serato Sample may work with lower computer specifications, but we cannot guarantee performance or stability.

Downloading Serato Sample

Before installing Serato Sample, ensure you have downloaded the latest, most up-to-date version.
Click here to download the latest version of Serato Sample.

Plug-in formats

All compatible plugin formats are installed by default, however you may choose whether you wish to:

  • Install the AU (or Component) plug-in format, if your DAW only supports Audio Units (i.e. Logic Pro)
  • Install the VST* plug-in format, if your DAW supports VST
  • Install the VST3* plug-in format, if your DAW supports VST3

For more information regarding plug-in format compatibility, or if you are unsure about which plug-in format your DAW supports, please refer to your respective DAW user manual.

Supported DAW software

Serato Sample is supported and tested for use in Serato Studio, Apple’s Logic Pro, Image-Line’s FL Studio, Native Instrument’s Maschine, and Ableton Live.

As the plug-in is available in VST/VST3 and AU formats, it may also work in other DAW environments, but is not tested, so we cannot guarantee performance or stability.

*VST is a registered trademark and software of Steinberg Media Technologies GmbHlogo.vst__1_.png