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KNOWN ISSUE: Serato Play is being disabled for some users erroneously in Serato DJ Pro

We are aware of an issue affecting Serato DJ Pro users, that can cause the Serato Play expansion pack to be disabled - without users actioning the change

We are still investigating the issue, however we believe it can occur with multiple Serato DJ Pro versions and across both Windows & macOS operating systems, but seems to occur most commonly after updating Serato DJ Pro.


To rectify the issue:

  1. Open Serato DJ Pro
  2. Click on the Setup cog and then click on the Expansion Packs tab playenablegif2.gif
  3. Click Serato Play from the list of available expansion packs, then toggle the Enable Serato Play checkbox

NOTE: In some rare cases, users may also need to log-out of Serato DJ Pro, then log-in again, using the same account that any expansion packs or products are associated with.

We apologise for the inconvenience, and hope to permanently resolve the issue in a forthcoming update. Please continue to use the workaround above where required, and keep an eye on this article for any further information as it becomes available.

If you're confused or the workaround doesn't rectify your issue, please contact the Serato support team here.