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Using Serato Play with Serato Video

Serato Play is our expansion pack for using Serato DJ software without connected hardware.

It can be used with all of our expansion packs, with the exception of the Serato DVS expansion pack, which requires connected hardware, however using it with Serato Video does require a few extra set-up steps.

Read the following guides to get started with Serato Play and Serato Video individually:

Once you've got both Serato Video and Serato Play enabled in Serato DJ Pro on your computer, follow the steps below to ensure your set-up is correct and video/audio is working as expected:


To get the most from this set-up, the following gear is recommended:

  • Stereo-to-2x-mono audio splitter cable (also known as a male 3.5mm to Y splitter 3.5mm female cable)
    NOTE: Not all accessories that fit this description are known to offer the full functionality described - check with your retailer in-store before making a purchase to ensure it meets your needs.
  • HDMI cable, or Thunderbolt/USB C to HDMI cable - note that if your computer has neither an HDMI or Thunderbolt out, you may need to use a USB hub with HDMI out alongside the HDMI cable.
  • Display with HDMI input.
    NOTEDisplays with legacy inputs may also work, but further adapters may be required, depending on the ports your computer comes equipped with.
  • Speakers or amplifier/mixer with a 3.5mm male jack. If your equipment does not come with this, you may need an adapter, such as an RCA to 3.5mm male 
  • Headphones with 3.5mm jack


  1. Connect the Stereo-to-2x-mono audio splitter cable to the headphone output of your computer
  2. Connect your headphone 3.5mm jack to the left mono split, and your amplifier/speakers 3.5mm jack to the right mono split.
    You may need to check the marking on your adapter to confirm which of the mono splits is left and right respectively.
  3. Connect the HDMI cable from your display, to the HDMI output of your computer, or whatever adapter/hub you maybe using.

Monitor configuration

  1. Right-click on the Windows Start button and choose Settings
  2. In the Settings menu, choose Display
  3. Near the bottom of the Display settings in the main panel, under Multiple Displays select Extend these displays.
    If necessary, confirm the changes in the dialog box, by selecting Keep changes.
    NOTE: You can also select the Extend option after holding the Windows key and repeatedly pressing 'P' on our keyboard, from anywhere on the Windows desktop. The last selected item will confirm your selection.extend_displays.png