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Scene Track View : Overview

Click on 'Scene Track View' button in the Scene Timeline area to view the Scene Track in full size. To return to the Deck & Scene view, click on 'Scene Track View' button again.


Alternatively, the 'Back to Scenes' button (top left corner of the Scene Track View) will also return you to the Deck View and Scene Player.


The Scene Track View in Serato Studio features a large waveform overview of your Scenes audio track that will render in real-time during playback. Use + or - on your keyboard to zoom in or out.


To the left of the Scene Track View waveform is the Scene Channel Mixer. This features a Gain knob, 3x EQ parameter knobs and Filter knob.


Scene FX: Below the Scene Track waveform overview are the Scene FX -  add up to 3 FX to your Scene Track output. These FX are only applied to the Scene audio and will not affect any audio tracks.


NOTE: Scene FX are not applied to stem files on export.