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Beatsource Link FAQ

Below are answers to some frequently asked questions you may have about Serato DJ Pro and Lite when used with Beatsource as a music streaming service.

To use Beatsource with Serato DJ Pro or Lite as a streaming service you must have Serato DJ Pro 2.4.0/Serato DJ Lite 1.4.0 or above installed, and you must have an active Beatsourse Link subscription linked with Serato DJ Pro. Find out more in our Using Beatsource Link with Serato DJ Pro article

How can I start a 30 Day Trial with Beatsource Link?

The 30 Day Free Trial can be started from Beatsource's subscription page here

Can I stream tracks during offline use?

Tracks added and downloaded to the Beatsource LINK Locker, can be played without an active internet connection, up to 100 tracks (depending on your LINK plan). It’s important to let tracks in the Locker fully cache before disabling your network connection.
NOTE: This feature is only available in Serato DJ Pro 2.5.0 & Serato DJ Lite 1.5.0 and higher.

Can I record using Beatsource Link tracks in Serato DJ Pro?

Recording is not available in Serato DJ Pro using Beatsource link tracks.

What quality can I stream with when using Beatsource Link music in Serato DJ Pro and Lite?

Quality is dependant on your Beatsource Link subscription tier.

  • Beatsource Link users can stream in '128kbps' (AAC)
  • Beatsource Link ProPro+ users can stream in '256kbps' (AAC)

Why I am seeing BPM & Key information on tracks that I have not yet analysed or played?

Serato DJ Pro and Lite will display the BPM & Key information provided from the Beatsource catalogue. Upon analysis, there is a chance the Key information will change due to the two analysis process' being slightly different.

How do I analyse Beatsource tracks in Serato DJ Pro and Lite?

Simply click the 'Analyze Files' button to bulk analyze all Beatsource tracks in your library.

You can analyze a selection of files by first selecting them, then dragging and dropping them directly onto the analyze files button.

Once Analyzed the Key & BPM and the full waveform will show. You may also add Cue points, loops, and other Serato data to the track.

Once the track is ejected and re-loaded to deck, it will analyse 'on-the-fly' but your Cue points, loops, and other Serato data will be retained.

Are all tracks on Beatsource available for streaming?

Streaming is only available for content from labels that have opted into the Link subscription model. Beatsource is in the process of onboarding label partners and expects to have more content available soon.

Why do the Featured Playlists keep changing?

These playlists are updated monthly by Beatsource themselves. These changes will also be reflected monthly in Serato DJ Pro and Lite.

I've just added some new tracks to my Beatsource playlist on Beatsource' website, but they do not yet show in the same playlist in Serato DJ Pro or Lite?

Navigate to Setup --> Library + Display --> Music Streaming and toggle the Show Streaming Services option off, and on again to force a refresh of your Beatsource playlists in Serato DJ Pro or Lite.