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Master View : Export Song


Export your Song by clicking the ‘Export Song’ button, and then choose from a few options in the subsequent Export Song dialog box.
Whether exporting your Master or Stems, you can choose to export in .wav or .mp3 formats.

  • Clicking "Export" from the Export Master tab will create export your complete song.
    NOTE: When exporting from the Master view, the selection to export will be determined by the last available Scene in your arrangement.
  • Clicking "Export" from the Export Stems tab will create individual audio files from each Deck in your project.

Under the Export Stems tab, you also have two additional options:

  • You can choose to decrease the volume for each of your stem files by 6dB using the "Decrease audio output for stem files by 6dB". We recommend using this when sharing your project audio stems with a mastering engineer.
  • You can also choose to create individual audio files for each drum pad in your project when exporting using the "Export Drum Pads as individual audio files".
    Enabling this option will create a single audio file for each drum deck pad.