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Drum Deck : Parameter Panel

Here controls that affect each selected pad (and by proxy their associated Cue) can be found. Parameters are saved to each pad, so if a pad and it's corresponding Cue are deleted, those same parameters will be lost. Pad colours are determined by the drum sound loaded onto that pad, and it's overall main frequency content - so kick drums are red, and higher frequency drum hits end up with lighter colours. Cue Parameters can be adjusted across one or more pads simultaneously - to select multiple pads, simply hold shift while clicking on subsequent pads. 

Cue Attack: Adjust the time it takes for the selected Cue to reach its peak volume (0.00ms to 10s) 

Cue Release: Adjust the time it takes for the selected Cue to drop from its peak volume to silence (0.00ms to 10s)


Cue Reverse: Toggles reverse playback of the selected Cue.


Cue Tempo: Click & drag vertically to adjust the playback tempo of the selected Cue, from 75% to 300%. Cue playback is calculated with the Deck and Project BPM in mind, so increases to the Cue Tempo are cumulative. Use the 2x and 1/2 to quickly double and halve the Cue Tempo. Hold control/command while clicking & dragging vertically to make fine adjustments, or hold shift while doing so to make coarser adjustments. 


Cue Key Shift: Allows for individual adjustments to the key of the selected Cue at values ranging from -24 to +24 semitones. Changes made are in addition to any changes made to the Deck or Project key, and are cumulative.