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Overview : Editing Beatgrids

Beat Grid editing is now possible when using the Sample and Audio Deck with Serato Studio..

When you load an audio file to a Sample or Audio Deck, Serato Studio will automatically analyze this file, setting a beatgrid to determine the files BPM. If you find that the BPM of the file you have loaded is inaccurate, you can correct this by editing the beatgrid set - the beatgrid is what determines the audio file's BPM.

Enable Grid Editing mode

Click the 'GRID' button that appears on the Sample and Audio Deck Overview to enter this mode.


Adjust Beatgrid markers

In Grid Editing Mode you can either adjust the Beatgrid markers or clear the Beatgrid set up and start again by setting Downbeats, starting with the first beat of the audio file.


Adjust the Beatgrid markers using by clicking and dragging the marker(s) you wish to move.


Hold cmd or ctrl key then click and drag to slip the entire Beatgrid

Clear Beatgrid

If you wish to reset a Beatgrid, use the 'CLEAR' button to remove an existing grid, then set a downbeat at the playhead location using the 'SET' button.


Save Beatgrid

Once you have set your Beatgrid, click 'SAVE' to exit Grid Editing mode.

After you have set up an audio file Beatgrid, either set your project BPM to match your audio file's new BPM, or use the SYNC button to time-stretch the audio file to the project BPM.

More information about how to use the Sample Deck in Serato Studio can be found here: