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Overview : Song View

Song View is where you can arrange Scenes into a song structure. Open Song View by clicking the tab to the right of the Library area. Start building your song by dragging and dropping Scenes from the Scene Player into the Scenes Track.


A waveform overview of your song will render in real-time in the Master Track during playback.


To the left of the Master Track, there is a Track Sidebar tab labelled 'Master' - clicking this will take you to the Master View. Use the Track Sidebar tabs to navigate between the Song and Master Views.


Song View Header & Timeline

Within the Song View, there are tools you can use during playback of your Song.

Song Play: Play / Stop the song from the playhead position.


Song Zoom In / Out: Zoom in or out of the Song Timeline with these controls.


Song Timeline shows the length of the Song you have created, and the start / end point of scenes.


Adjust the Song Anchor with your mouse to set the playhead position where the song will play from, or as a tool when adding Scenes to your Song Timeline.


You can select multiple Scenes and Audio Track Clips on the Song Timeline by left-clicking and dragging over the area you wish to select. This can be used to move or delete multiple Scenes and/or Clips at the same time.


You can also click along the timeline to adjust the playhead position while your song is playing. A Waiting indicator will appear on the timeline when it is waiting for the Song Playhead to finish the current bar before jumping to the Waiting Indicator's position. 


Loop a selection of your Song using the Song Loop tool.

Adjust the size of the song loop using the handle tool at the start and end of the Song Loop.


Once your desired Loop selection has been selected, select the toggle the Loop using the loop enable/disable button.



Clicking the Mute button will mute all of the audio from the selected Scenes or Audio Track. Click the button again to unmute the audio.

Clicking the Solo button will play audio from the selected Scenes or Audio Track. You can Solo multiple tracks at once by holding Command/control and clicking the Solo button.


Audio Tracks

Add Audio

Clicking the Add Audio button will create a new audio track for you to place an audio file into. 

Click here for more information on Audio Tracks


You can drag and drop audio clips into the timeline like you would Scenes. Start adding to your song by dragging and dropping Clips from the Audio deck into the Audio Track.


If the Audio Clip is too long, you can left-click and drag on the end of the Clip to truncate it. This will only affect the size of the Clip on the timeline, it will not edit the size of the corresponding Clip.


Right-clicking on an Audio track in the Timeline will bring up the 'Split to New clip' option. Clicking this will separate the audio into two separate clips. 

NOTE: It is not possible to use 'Split to New Clip' if all 8 clips slots are already filled


You can re-order Audio Tracks by clicking on an Audio Track and dragging it above or below other Tracks.


NOTE: It is not possible to use 'Split to New Clip' if all 8 clips slots are already filled