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Overview : Library

With Serato Studio, users can easily manage a library of sounds and plug-ins, and also integrate their Serato DJ libraries. All content in Serato Studio is organised by 'crates', which are a collection of sounds or files.

Subscribing to Serato Studio means you also get access to high-quality content packs, made up of audio samples, drums, and instruments. A core pack of content is included, and new packs are made available on an ongoing basis, to further bolster your library.

By default, the library area is shown near the bottom of the user interface in Serato Studio, and should be viewed and used in a left-to-right approach, first selecting the appropriate Library Tab, then the respective Crate from the Crates panel, and finally the corresponding sound from the Files panel.

Library Tabs


Serato DJ Library: Select this tab to show your Serato DJ crates in the Crates panel, and your Serato DJ library in the Files panel. Changes made to your Serato DJ library inside Serato Studio, will be reflected in Serato DJ & conversely, changes in Serato DJ software will affect the Serato DJ library loaded in Serato Studio.

NOTE: Your Serato DJ library is enabled by default but can also be turned off. Navigate to Setup --> Library --> Show Serato DJ Library to toggle this.

Projects: Select this tab to show your Serato Studio project crates in the crates panel, and your Serato Studio projects in the Files panel.

Drums: Select this tab to show your Drum crates in the crates panel, and your Drum single shot sounds and kits in the Files panel. There are two pre-made Crates in the crate panel of the Drums tab, allowing you to quickly choose between single shot samples or entire drum kits.

Audio Samples: Select this tab to show your Audio Sample crates in the crates panel, and your actual Audio Samples in the Files panel. There are two pre-made crates in the crates panel of the Audio Samples tab, allowing you to quickly choose between Sample loops and single shot Samples.

FX: Select this tab to show several pre-made FX crates in the crates panel, which when selected, determine the built-in Serato FX shown in the Files panel. These can be loaded into one of the 3-FX slots relating to Pads, Decks, or your Master view.

SEE: FX Overview for more information

Instruments: Select this tab to show built-in Serato Instruments, divided up into several pre-made crates. Click on a crate to show the appropriate Instruments in the Files panel.

Plugins: Select this tab to show two pre-made crates, to help organise your third-party VST or AU plugins, via Instrument-based plugins, or Effect-based plugins. Select the either the crate or the all crate to then display these plugins in the Files panel.

Files: Select this tab to show various file locations on your computer’s internal and external drives. Click on these locations to navigate your drives and find your music and/or samples. Once you have located your music or samples, drag the folder or files you want to import onto the ‘Serato DJ Library’ or ‘Audio Samples’ tab and then place it in the crate you wish.

NOTE: You can select multiple files or folders by holding ‘command/Cntrl’ on your computer’s keyboard and clicking on the folders or files you wish to select.

Crates Panel

Crates are displayed in Serato Studio based on the Library tab you've selected. Each Library tab will offer a different set of Crates in the Crates panel. Some Library tabs offer pre-made crates, but also allow for the user to create Custom Crates to help organise your content.

NOTE: Smart Crates created in Serato DJ Pro will show in Serato Studio. Any changes made in Serato DJ Pro to Smart Crates will be reflected in Serato Studio.


Create a new crate: Click on the 'Create Crate' button to create a new Crate for the Library tab selected.

Alternatively, dragging a file onto an empty space in the Crates panel will also create a new crate with that file already imported inside it.

Rename a crate: Double-click on a Crate to rename it.

Create a Subcrate: Drag & drop a Crate onto another Crate to make a Subcrate. Note that it will highlight the crate you are dropping your new Crate onto, indicating that this Crate will become the parent Crate for your desired Subcrate. You can also create Subcrates inside Subcrates, and so on.

NOTE: Subcrate files will automatically appear in the parent crate. If you do not wish to see files from the subcrate in the parent crate (in the event you have files in the parent crate that are not yet in any corresponding subcrate), you can turn this feature off under Setup --> Library --> Crates include subcrate files

Expand a crate to reveal Subcrates: Click on the right-facing small white arrow in the upper-left hand corner of the Crate, to reveal any Subcrates inside the Crate. Once a Crate has been expanded the small white arrow will point downwards to indicate expansion of the parent Crate.Expanding_a_SubCrate.gif

Re-order Crates: Drag & drop a Crate onto the far left-hand side of the Crate panel to change the order of your Crates. Note the entire Crate panel will have a purple outline to indicate you are changing the order of your Crates (instead of creating a new Subcrate).


NOTE: To re-order Subcrates, drag & drop a Subcrate directly onto the small space between two specific Subcrates, that you wish to insert it between.

Smart Crates 

Smart crates are crates which update their contents by using keywords and rules which are matched with selected tags of your music library tracks. Smart crates can be updated automatically or at your discretion.

NOTE: Smart Crates created in Serato DJ Pro will show in Serato Studio. Any changes made in Serato DJ Pro to Smart Crates will be reflected in Serato Studio. Any changes or additions made in Serato Studio to Smart Crates will be also reflected in Serato DJ Pro

Create a new Smart Crate:  Click on the 'Create Smart Crate' button to create a new Smart Crate for the Library tab selected.Smart_Crate.gif

A popup window will open which allows you to add the rules to fill your smart crate. Click ‘Add Rule’ to add a rule for the smart crate to match with. 


Select ‘All’ or ‘Any’ from the Match Rules dropdown in the top right corner of the pop-up.  Choosing All means that tracks must match all the set rules below in order to be added to the crate. If Any is selected, any track which matches any of the rules will be added to the crate.

Click to save your crate or Cancel to exit without saving.

Live Update: Click on the tick box in the bottom left corner of the New/Edit Smart Crate Windows in order to activate 'Live Update'. With the Live Update option ticket, any changes made to the library will automatically be updated in your Smart Crates. If 'Live Update' is disabled, changes made to your library will not be updated in your Smart Crates unless manually triggered by pressing the 'refresh' button next to that specific Smart Crate.

Edit Smart Crate: Select the Smart Crate you wish to edit and then click the ‘Edit’ button (next to the add Smart Crate button) to edit the rules of an existing Smart Crate.


Files Panel

The Files panel is the largest Library area, and will show files, plugins, FX, and instruments, which correspond with the selected Library Tab. The Files panel is found to the right of the Crates panel, and allows users to view content, preview sounds, and search any included content.Files_panel.pngTo import content into your library: Simply drag & drop files from macOS' Finder or Windows' Explorer into Crates, or the Files panel. You can also drop them into an empty area of the Crates panel to create a new Crate with that file stored inside:

To delete content from your library: Highlight the content, and press command/control + delete on your keyboard. 

Preview sounds: Use the Enter or Return key on your keyboard to preview selected sounds in the Files panel, after selecting the file. Press Enter or Return a second time to cancel the preview.
NOTE: Only Instruments, Drum single shots, Audio Samples (loops & single shots), and your Serato DJ Library can currently be previewed.

Auto-Preview: Click on the Auto-preview toggle to automatically preview compatible sounds while highlighting different sounds in your library. autopreviewstudio.png

Preview volume: Use this to adjust the volume of previewed sounds. Double-click on the slider to reset the volume to 0db.

Search: Use this to quickly search for content in the currently selected Library tab.

Search ALL: Click on the 'ALL' toggle to search content in your Studio library regardless of the Library tab currently selected.

Remove search: Clear the search field using this button.

Library columns: Click on a column to order content in the Files panel by that column, click again on the same column to toggle the order between ascending and descending.
Click & drag on a column to re-order the columns to your liking, which will re-order columns for all Library tabs.
Click & drag on the divider between two columns to resize a column.column_size_studio.gif

NOTE: Not all columns can be resized.

Right-click on the header of any library column to show the list of available fields. Left-click on the list to enable and disable the chosen column fields.


NOTE: The Serato DJ Library tab will show the column preferences from Serato DJ Pro

Available columns:

  • Added*
  • Album
  • Artist
  • Bitrate*
  • BPM
  • Colour*
  • Comments
  • Composer
  • Filename*
  • Genre
  • Grouping
  • Key
  • Label
  • Length*
  • Location*
  • Name
  • Remixer
  • Sample Rate*
  • Size*
  • Status*
  • Track
  • Type*
  • Video track*
  • Year

*Indicates columns cannot be edited.