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Overview : Plugin Deck view

Third-party instrument plugins can be used in Serato Studio - they operate much like an Instrument Deck within the Serato Studio interface. 

To load a third-party instrument plugin:

  1. Open the Plugins tab within the Serato Studio library panel
  2. Click and drag the plugin onto either an already loaded instrument deck (left side of the Serato Studio interface), or onto the Add deck area (right side of the Serato Studio interface)
  3. The plugin interface should open in a new window when loaded for the first time, alternatively click the Open / Close button in the Plugin Deck Header

NOTE: While all third-party plugin parameters are controllable within the plugin's interface, automation of these parameters may not be available. See Overview: Automation for more information.


Plugin Deck Header


Plugin Deck Info Display: Displays the name of the loaded plugin on the left side of the Plugin Deck Header.

Eject: The Eject button can be used to retain the Plugin Deck, but eject the currently loaded plugin.


Open/Close: Click on this to open and close the currently loaded plugin.


Pad tools panel

Play in Key: Use this to show only the notes compatible with the Project Key, in the Instrument Plugins' piano roll. When turned off this feature will also show your notes with their respective keyboard shortcuts displayed.Pluginplayinkeyonoff.gif

Pad range: Click on the left arrow to move the octave range for the pads down, or click on the right arrow to move the octave range for pads up.