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How to redeem Serato DJ Pro using a voucher code

Activation is only necessary for Serato DJ Lite controllers, or Club Kit mixers looking to upgrade to or use Serato DJ Pro, these devices fall into the Paid Upgrade to Serato DJ Pro device category. 

Other supported Serato DJ Pro hardware will not need activation as they have been natively designed to work with Serato DJ Pro and do not require a license, these devices fall into the Serato DJ Pro hardware unlocked device category.

If you’re unsure which device category your hardware falls under, please read our Do I need a Serato DJ Pro or DVS upgrade license? Article.

Redeeming a voucher code

The steps below are for customers who’ve received a voucher code to redeem their Serato DJ Pro product or expansion pack products.

  1. Visit and either sign-in to your existing account, or create a new account, then click the link above again, after signing in successfully.
    NOTE: If you already own a account with existing products, it’s a good idea to use the same account so as not to split your products across multiple accounts.
  2. Enter your voucher code into the ADD A NEW PRODUCT LICENSE field, then click Add.Add_a_new_product_license__1_.pngNOTE: You can only redeem a voucher code against a single account, and once redeemed against that account, it’s not necessary to add it again. Trying to redeem a voucher code for a second time will result in an INVALID VOUCHER CODE error message.
  3. You’re now ready to complete the activation process, following steps from our Activate Serato DJ Pro article.