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Lock Tracks

If a track displays a gold lock in the Status column, then the file information for the track itself cannot be changed. You will not be able to change any of the track’s information permanently in Serato DJ Pro. This includes BPM, Beatgrids, waveforms, loops, cue points, or other metadata information. However, you may be able to adjust information for the track when in a session, but this information will not be saved (written) to the file’s meta tags where this information is kept.

The file may be locked because you are using the wrong formatted hard drive (i.e. a NTFS drive formatted on a Windows PC and trying to use this on a Mac which can only read this information).

Or it could be the file itself is locked. To find out if a track is locked, highlight the track in Serato DJ Pro, and press control + R to ‘reveal’ the file location on your hard drive.

Then press either command + I (‘Get Info’ for Mac) or alt + enter (‘Properties’ for Windows). Then see if the track is Read Only, or that you have the permissions to write to the file.