macOS 10.12 Sierra support from Serato DJ 1.9.3 & hardware compatibility list

macOS 10.12 Sierra is now supported for use with Serato DJ 1.9.3 and onwards.

However, individual driver & firmware support is maintained by the respective hardware manufacturer, links to their websites can be found via our Drivers & Firmware page.
Before updating, please ensure your hardware is compatible via the lists below;


Novation Twitch

Numark NS7
Numark V7
Numark NS6
Numark Mixdeck (discontinued)

Vestax Typhoon
Vestax VCI-100MK2


Akai AMX Pro

Allen & Heath Xone 43:C - new driver required (here)
Allen & Heath Xone DB:2 - new driver required (here)
Allen & Heath Xone DB:4 - new driver required (here)

Denon MCX8000 - requires firmware update v1.4 (here)
Denon MC4000
Denon DS1
Denon MC2000
Denon MC6000MK2
Denon MC7000

Gemini Slate
Gemini Slate 4

Hercules Jogvision

Korg Kaoss DJ

Mixars DUO - requires firmware update 1.14 (here)

Numark NS7II - requires 3.3.17 driver (here)
Numark NS7III
Numark NV
Numark NV MKII
Numark Mixdeck Express
Numark Mixdeck Quad
Numark Mixtrack Platinum
Numark Mixtrack Pro III
Numark Mixtrack Pro II
Numark Mixtrack Pro
Numark Mixtrack Quad
Numark Mixtrack Edge
Numark N4

Pioneer DJM-900NXS2
Pioneer DJM-900SRT
Pioneer DJM-850
Pioneer DJM-900NXS
Pioneer DDJ-SB2
Pioneer DDJ-SR
Pioneer DDJ-SX
Pioneer DDJ-SX2
Pioneer DDJ-SZ
Pioneer DDJ-ERGO
Pioneer DJM-S9
Pioneer DDJ-SB
Pioneer DDJ-S1
Pioneer DDJ-WeGo
Pioneer DDJ-WeGo3

Rane SL2
Rane SL3
Rane SL4
Rane TTM57 MKII (requires updated firmware, via the latest control panel, here)
Rane MP2015 (requires updated firmware, via the latest control panel, here)

Reloop TM2
Reloop TM4
Reloop TM8
Reloop Beatmix 2 (requires firmware update, here)
Reloop Beatmix 4 (requires firmware update, here)
Reloop MIXON4

Roland DJ-808

Vestax VCI-300
Vestax VCI-380
Vestax VCI-400