Pulselocker Streaming Search

Start a free Pulselocker trial by clicking the Pulselocker Crate in the Crate list then by clicking Start Trial in the sidepanel that opens. You can manage your signed in Pulselocker account in the SETUP screen under the Library + Display tab. Pulselocker features are only available when the ‘Show Pulselocker Library’ option is enabled in the SETUP screen, and you are logged in to an active Pulselocker account. If another computer logs in using the same Pulselocker account, any Pulselocker tracks the first computer has loaded to deck will get ejected. This action is handled by the Pulselocker server.

Use the Streaming Search button next to the Serato DJ library Search Box to enable searching of available streaming music from the Pulselocker catalogue. Results will display in the Serato DJ library to be streamed or stored offline.

 Store Offline will save the currently selected Pulselocker file to your Offline Tracks folder, for use while disconnected from the internet. An icon will be displayed in the library column to indicate it has been saved to your Offline Tracks folder.

 Stream Only will revert any currently stored Pulselocker track to it’s streaming state, and remove it from your Offline Tracks folder. The library icon will revert back to the blue streaming cloud to indicate it is no longer saved in your collection.

Stored tracks and playlists will be in your Pulselocker crate. You can manage your Pulselocker library via the Pulselocker website and changes will be reflected in Serato DJ. Internet connection is required to search and stream tracks. If connection to the Pulselocker server is lost, streaming and search will be disabled and the buttons will be greyed out however you can still access your Offline Tracks while disconnected.


Pulselocker is a registered trademark of Pulselocker, inc.