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Copying and Moving Files

Serato DJ Pro gives you the ability to copy and move files or folders between drives or to a new location on the same drive.

To copy or move your files and/or folders, open the Files panel and select, drag and drop them in the desired new location.

Serato DJ Pro will then prompt you with the following options:

Copy - Select this to make a copy of the selected files and folders in the new location. Your Serato library will now contain entries for both the originals and copies.

Move - Select this to move the selected files and/or folders to the new location. Your Serato library and crates will now reference the files in their new location.

Cancel - Select this to cancel any changes.

Remove original references from library - Check this option when using the copy feature to remove the original references to these files in your Serato library and replace them with the copies in the new location. The original files will still be kept in their current location, but will no longer referenced in your Serato library.