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Corrupt File Diagnosis

If you find a file displaying the corrupt icon, you can hover your mouse mover the corrupt icon for information on what type of corruption was found. The information will be displayed in the Status Bar at the very bottom of the library. 


Corrupt file: This MP3 contains invalid frames. 
This MP3 contains frames which do not conform strictly to the official MP3 specification. Serato DJ can not be certain that this file will playback 100% accurately. 

Corrupt file: This file contains corrupt frames that may result in audible glitches.
This file contains two or more contiguous corrupt frames. Since corrupt frames are replaced with silence, this could result in what might sound like an audio glitch. 

Corrupt file: This file has been split. You should check the beginning for audio glitches. 
The first MPEG audio frame in this file refers to audio that should be present before it but is not. This is usually the result of incorrect MP3 editing. Since a corrupt frame is replaced with silence and most songs start with silence, the resulting silence might not be noticeable. All the same, listen to the beginning of the song, just to be sure. 

Corrupt file: This MP3 contains frames with corrupt data.
Decoding of a MPEG audio frame failed. This means that the frame contained invalid data. As usual with corrupt frames, this frame will be played as silence.

Corrupt file: This MP3 lost synchronization between the frame index and the frames
Serato DJ is reading an old overview of an MP3 that has been edited in a third party editing program. Re-building the overviews for the affected files usually corrects this error.

Corrupt file: This MP3 is completely invalid and is not playable.
Self-explanatory. Possible causes are disk bad sectors, file system corruption, wrong le types, wrong ile extensions, etc

Corrupt file: This file contains invalid audio data.
Serato DJ encountered invalid data while looking for audio in this file. This message alerts you to the fact that the file you’re trying to play contains corrupt data. This may, or may not, affect playback.

Corrupt file: This MP3 contains no valid frames.
No audio could be found in this file, which means it is completely unplayable as far as Serato DJ is concerned. Please make sure this really is an audio le

Unsupported file: This MP3 contains multiple layers.
While scanning this file, Serato DJ found frames belonging to multiple MPEG layers. Serato DJ does not support MP3s containing frames from multiple layers – some frames may output as silence.

Unsupported file: This file is more than 2 GB in size.
At the moment, Serato DJ does not support files that are 2 GB in size (or larger).

Unsupported file: This file has data blocks greater than 2 GB in size.
This file contains chunks of data that are larger than 2 GB. Serato DJ does not support files that are more than 2 GB in size.

Corrupt file: This WAV contains no valid chunks.
This WAV file contains no recognizable WAV data. It is quite possible that this might not be a WAV file.

Unsupported file: This file’s data is not in PCM format.
WAV files can contain data in several formats. Serato DJ only supports WAV files that contain data in the PCM format.

Unsupported file: This file has a sampling rate greater than 48 kHz.
Serato DJ does not support sampling rates greater than 48 kHz. If you see this message, the simplest approach is to re-sample the audio at 48 kHz and re-save the file.