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Serato Video license not able to be refreshed

The Serato Video license was not able to be refreshed, what can I do to resolve it?

You will receive the error message below if your Serato Video license has migration failed. It could be for one of several reasons, below we have listed some possible scenarios to give you an idea of why it failed;

  1. "This license is not registered to this Serato account."

    This indicates that you're using a Serato Video license that was registered to a account other than the one you're signed in as. 
    This may have occurred if you've used a friend's Serato Video serial number to activate your software, or if you're not signed in via the account you purchased your Serato Video license for.
    It may also occur if you are the legitimate owner of the Serato Video license, but lent the voucher code to a friend who registered it to their account, before you registered it to yours.

  2. "This license has been used by more than 2 computers at the same time."

    This can occur when your Serato Video voucher code has been successfully registered to your account, but you may have lent the code to other users, who've then activated the product on their own set-ups.
    You may have also purchased the product via a third-party retailer (through eBay for example) who has sold the same license multiple times.

    Or you may simply have registered the license to a computer that is now broken, or a computer you have sold, or one that got stolen.

  3. "The license is not registered in our records."

    This can occur if you purchased a very old Video SL serial number as a physical copy and only ever used it with Serato Video with Scratch Live or Serato ITCH - and never registered it against your account.

    It can also occur when the serial number does not match any Serato Video licenses in our database.

In all the above situations where proof of purchase cannot be clearly demonstrated, a new Serato Video license will need to be purchased.

Get in touch with the support team by opening a help request at if you have any questions.