The Serato Forums have been updated

We have tidied up the Serato Forum in an effort to simplify and remove some legacy areas. Your log-in details are still the same and any posts may have been moved into one of our new areas. Please use your registered email address and password as per usual.

We no longer provide official Serato support through the Forum, if you require help for Serato software please contact the support team by clicking the 'Get Help From Serato' button in each Forum area or by starting a Help Request. The Serato Forum is great community for DJ-to-DJ talk, on-topic and off-topic discussions. You are free to post as long as you follow our Community Rules.


Where is my old post/thread?
You may have noticed some areas have been changed around. We have tidied up the structure of the forum but all your posts still remain. You will still be able to use the same URL you did before, however your thread may lie within a new area. Please see the Merged Areas section below.

Have my log-in/account details changed?
No, you will still have the same email address and password to log-in as usual. Please contact Serato Support if you are having trouble signing in.

I have a cool idea for Serato DJ, where can I post it?
If you have a great feature request, please post your idea in the Serato DJ feature suggestion area.

I need help with Serato, what can I do?
If you are having issues, please start a help request with the Serato support team.


Merged Areas

- ITCH General Discussion
- Serato Remote General Discussion

Have now been merged into:
Serato DJ General Discussion

- Serato DJ Feature Suggestions
- Serato Remote Feature Suggestions

Have now been merged into:
Serato Software Feature Suggestions

- Rane Mixers General Discussion
- The Bridge General Discussion
- Scratch Live MIDI Device Presets

Have now been merged into:
DJing Discussion

- Pioneer Hardware Help
- Numark Hardware Help
- Denon DJ Hardware Help
- Vestax Hardware Help
- Novation Hardware Help
- Reloop Hardware Help
- Rane Hardware Help
- Allen & Heath Hardware Help
- Serato Remote Help
- Serato Video & Video-SL Help
- The Bridge Help
- Pitch 'n Time Studio Plug-in Help

Have now been merged into:
Software Help Archive

- Whitelabel General Discussion

Has now been merged into:
Websites Discussion