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KNOWN ISSUE: Font display issues in Serato DJ 1.8 and above

With the release of Serato DJ 1.8, we've been able to implement work that we've been doing on the code that determines the way that the Serato DJ interface displays. This work means we'll be able to incorporate many more awesome features in the future!

Unfortunately as a side effect of this work we've become aware of an issue with the way the library fonts are displayed with specific computer configurations with this release. This issue only affects Mac users.  

If you've opened Serato DJ 1.8 or above, and found that your library is displaying with an italicized font (or any other unusual font) this is not by design and it is quite possible that Serato isn't able to successfully call upon the font we use for the library display, (Serato DJ uses Helvetica on Mac)

 This specific font may either be corrupt, missing or there may be multiple instances of the font with the same name. 

Font Book has a really useful built in feature called “Restore Standard Fonts” that should help most people that are experiencing this issue. This can be accessed through the “file” tab when you have Font Book open as per the screenshot below.

Using this feature restores the system fonts that are installed by Default by the OS. This includes fonts that are missing as it recovers these from the hidden recovery partition. (If you have somehow removed these from this recovery partition you will need to reinstall your Operating system)

Fonts not included in the OS X system install will be placed in a folder called “Fonts (removed)”

This folder will be located next to the fonts folder so you can reinstall any extra fonts you had before. 

If using "Restore standard Fonts" doesn't help with your issue or you are experiencing this issue on a Windows computer, get in touch with the support team at so we can troubleshoot further.