Why can't I use Smart Sync with my DVS hardware?

Smart Sync is currently not available with;

  • DVS Enabled devices 
  • DVS Upgrade Ready devices with Vinyl / CDJ Control enabled in the Setup Screen under the Expansion Packs tab (like the DDJ-SX2 or Denon MC6000Mk2)
  • Devices with motorised platters enabled (like the Numark NS7 or V7)

This is due to the complexity introduced by the wow and flutter of turntables, or in the case of the NS7, the motorised platters.

Disabling the motorised platters, or disabling the DVS expansion (if you have a 'DVS upgrade ready' device) - will allow you to enable Smart Sync.

Note: As the 'Club Kit' mixers are technically 'DVS upgrade' ready, they are capable of Smart Sync, if the DVS expansion is not present, or disabled.