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How to migrate your ScratchLIVE folder to a _Serato_ folder

What's the difference between the ScratchLIVE and _Serato_ folders, and why might I have one or the other?

Early Scratch Live and ITCH installers created a 'ScratchLIVE' folder in your user 'Music' folder on your computer, where information about crates, your database, and various other information was stored. This legacy folder no longer exists - the folder has now been altered, and is called the _Serato_ folder.

If you were running an older version of the software, and have upgraded, you may notice you have both folders. Merging various items from these to the _Serato_ folder is important if you wish to retain information.

What can I copy from the ScratchLIVE folder?

Database or Database V2 file from ScratchLIVE

  • Copy these from the ScratchLIVE folder to the _Serato_ folder. Ensure they are placed in the root or bottom level of the _Serato_ folder.

Crates & Subcrates folder from ScratchLIVE

  •  These need to be copied into the Subcrates folder inside the _Serato_ folder.

Recording folder from ScratchLIVE

  •  These can be copied straight into the Recording folder inside the _Serato_ folder.

What can't I copy from the ScratchLIVE folder?

MIDI folder from ScratchLIVE

  •  All MIDI presets from ScratchLive and ITCH are incompatible with Serato DJ, so these can not be copied.

Metadata folder from ScratchLIVE

  • Several improvements have been made to Metadata in relation to video files and could cause some incompatibility if copied.

Window.pref file from ScratchLIVE

  • The Serato DJ GUI differs vastly from the versions of Scratch Live and ITCH that read from this file, so copying this file is not recommended.

Any other files or folders not listed above should not be copied, in order to provide the smoothest transition to the new _Serato_folder.

Once you've copied these into the _Serato_ folder, test they load correctly by moving the ScratchLIVE and ScratchLIVEBackup folders to your desktop, and launching your Serato software. If everything is in place, clean up by fully deleting the ScratchLIVE and ScratchLIVEBackup folders.

If you've got any further questions about the contents of the _Serato_ folder, you can find them via the What is in the _Serato_ folder article, or if you've moved your music library, you can use the Using the Relocate Lost Files feature article.

If you're having trouble migrating your ScratchLIVE folder to a _Serato_ one, please submit a support ticket.